How much does it cost to SEO a local tradesman website?

Published: 14th September 2016   Author: Mike Warren

How much does SEO cost is something we get asked a lot. However, there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Take a local roofer, electrician and plumber who all work in the same city. They all want their site to appear well on the search engines but the amount of time needed to optimise their website, and therefore the cost of optimisation will be different for each. Why? Well, it depends on lots and lots of different things. One thing is for sure; it’s not cheap and things don’t happen quickly. Here’s a breakdown of what your website needs.

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The importance of customer reviews and testimonials and how to get them

Published: 7th September 2016   Author: Mike Warren

Here’s a startling fact. 92% of Internet users read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. That’s more than 9/10 people basing their buying decisions on the feedback they see.

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Why pay on performance marketing makes sense

Published: 19th August 2016   Author: Mike Warren

It makes sense that you’d want to pay for something once it’s performed, doesn’t it? 

Why then, when it comes to advertising and marketing your business, are you expected to pay first, then HOPE for performance?

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